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Scope is an innovative black queer youth-led non-profit organisation. Our work is concerned with issues of inequality and socio-economic exclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons in Southern Africa. 
We place immense value on collaboration and partnership with numerous organisations to implement initiatives that have a social justice impact. 
We see black feminist values as part of our core practice.
Our skills are in facilitation, education and training. We work with large NGO's, corporate and government to raise funds for grassroots work in under-resourced communities. 

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about scope+

Scope+ is the Scope's business arm; Scope+ enables us to engage our partners free of charge and share the skills and knowledge we have to help them do the critical work in rural and peri-urban areas. In addition, Scope+ provides professional services such as facilitation of sensitivity workshops, training on various topics relating to human rights and justice, and technical skills to assist organisations in migrating to virtual space.

about scope academy

Scope Academy has developed an excellent set of courses to assist our partners and organisations we engage. We understand that not all organisations have access to resources and information to help their development; the Scope Academy exists virtually for our partners to engage online. On the virtual platform, we provide masterclasses and resources to encourage mutual learning and innovation.

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Innovation for Sustainability

Scope uses innovative training and facilitation mechanisms to develop sustainability models for grassroots/nascent organisations that work within marginalised communities. Doing so ensures that the work we do remains relevant and is continuously accessible while educating those in our networks, favouring sustainability and autonomy despite limited resources. 


Championing Diversity

Scope places particular emphasis on addressing the inaccessibility of resources and support. We work in historically disenfranchised communities grappling with marginalisation. Through championing diversity, we engage multilaterally to address complex issues experienced on the ground by the communities we serve. 


Network and Alliance Building

Scope focuses on grassroots and nascent organisations that prioritise marginalised communities in rural and peri-urban areas. Through engaging those organisations, we aim to foster community and networks of support to maximise resources and impact on the ground. We believe strongly in the power of networks for sharing monetary, intellectual and physical resources that further develop organisations through sustainable impact for more significant change. Scope aims to facilitate and create platforms that enable organisations to communicate and share skills. Effectively placing importance on the principles of alliance-building, solidarity and that expand on social justice for those most vulnerable in our society.  

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