The educational aspect of Scope’s work is about deepening awareness on matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity with a view to making environments more inclusive for all. It is through increasing overall awareness of gender and sexual diversity issues among communities in South Africa and in future the SADC region at large that we engage in education and educational praxis that we engage in education and educational praxis.The educational projects aim to provide information, resources and ideas to effectively foster a more inclusive environment that challenges bullying against gender and sexually diverse people and approaches sexual and gender diversity through a human rights approach. In addition to this work Scope has recently started to engage more meaningfully with the politics of disability and inclusion. Through our partner facilitators we are able to think through transformation in various contexts which link to the body.

In so doing Scope makes use of a variety of innovative ways to make use of existent resources and easily learned skill sets in order to make education accessible, fun, and cutting edge. The type of work we do is informed by constant research and engagement with participants and the LGBTQIA+ sector at large – this ensures that Scope stay’s ahead of sectoral trends and is constantly challenged to create materials that a relevant, easy to engage and easily reused. For us the arts are essential to our praxis and inform our ethos as a team.

We strive through the network of educators and other practitioners we work with, to ensure that the content is always relatable to the context in which the training will be implemented, our educational programmes operate in three sphere’s namely, development of educational materials, development of workshop approaches and exercises, modifying existing teaching methods to engage constructively with failure.