Board Member Solicitation

Scope envisions working with a hand-picked board who are in line with the values of our organisation. In lieu of this each board member approached has a different skill set, and has been brought to the table to challenge others to advance the work we aim to do. We deliberately call for board members from a variety of backgrounds, ensured that our board is racially representative of the constituents we will be working with and dynamic in terms of age and expertise. Each member solicited has indicated interest in the work that Scope does.

Our mission is clear; to do work in the areas of facilitation, education and training, that will make a socio-economic difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ as well as gender non-conforming individuals in rural and peri-urban communities.

Scope now wishes to bring on board one more board member to serve on the board in the portfolio for media and communications skills.

We are looking for people from diverse and unique backgrounds with a passion for work of this nature. We hope to attract candidates with a real passion to affect change in meaningful ways to ensure that we do not become another part of the problem in the sector; we envision working with people who will assist us in setting trends for good praxis in our working environments, and that you will assist us in challenging norms which have set our communities back. We are fatigued with leaders who have taken up too much space and organisations which only serve their own interests and not those of the constituencies they serve, for too long has the sector been stagnant and lost so many who have the potential to help us grow. When it comes to getting funding, experts say that donors are much more receptive to being asked by their peers, therefore the cohort being solicited should each have individual linkages to different kinds of networks and funding bodies in one way or another.

Our aim as an organisation is to become self-sustainable. In order to do so, we need a firm board, but also one which is willing to see reason in terms of why we think and want to act in the ways that we do to do work of this nature. As we are self-reflexive and mindful in the work we do, we would expect the same of our board.