The Ops Team


C. Anzio Jacobs - C.E.O

C. Anzio Jacobs has been a community activist in the LGBTQIA+ sector in South Africa since 2009. They has been instrumental in the founding of several LGBTQIA+ projects including a university endorsed student pride parade, the Safe Zones Project at Wits, the Kaleidoscope Youth Network in South Africa and the GALA Youth Forum at the Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA). Jacobs also consulted to PLUS. The LGBTI Business Network. They encourage through their work, local LGBTQIA+ network building for grassroots projects in urban and peri-urban communities in South Africa. 

After being financially excluded from the University of the Witwatersrand, Jacobs worked in the Transformation and Employment Equity Office of the university. They later did monitoring and evaluation for the Safe Zones Project in San Diego and returned to South Africa on a full scholarship to pursue a degree in Anthropology after which they pursued an honours degree in Critical Diversity Studies, Jacobs is currently enrolled for a Master’s by dissertation with research focussed on gender, sexual orientation, power and protest.

Highlights from their published work include a paper on the Safe Zones project in South Africa as well as a chapter regarding #FeesMustFall in a book titled Rioting and Writing: Diaries of Wits Fallists. Jacobs conducted research on the exclusion of Queer and LGBTQIA+ womxn which was commissioned by GALA titled "Intersectionality and Exclusion: In the Background of Protest". They are to be published in an anthology by Routledge dealing with queer identities in Africa and another forthcoming anthology which contemplates black queer experiences of pleasure with the Dark Juices.


Gen Louw - C.O.O

Genevieve Louw is a queer educator/facilitator/activist that currently works for GALA (The Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action) as the Programmes Manager and is the co-founder of Scope. Louw has a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with their academic research focusing on educational art practice and participatory/socially engaged art practice facilitated with youth in both formal and non-formal spaces in South Africa. Recently, Louw’s practice has been geared toward LGBTIQA+ activism as they manage/coordinate national level sensitivity training programmes focused on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in collaboration with civil society organisations, universities and secondary schools.

Their work addresses the urgency to educate South African youth on the complexities of gender, sexual orientation and diversity to attempt the debunking of myths and to prevent further discrimination from taking place. Louw also facilitates sensitivity training in various environments including corporate and government institutions around the broader theme of diversity with the intention to impact organizational dynamics, social development and change. Louw manages strategic projects, which involves leading a team of facilitators to achieve strategic goals and organises human resources and facilities. Louw aims to create spaces and opportunities for networking and coalition building amongst queer civil society and other stakeholders in their position as Programmes Manager at GALA, and has a strong focus on working on educational programming and facilitation in under resourced rural and peri urban areas in their capacity as Chief Operations Officer of Scope.