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Projects & Partners

Scope has been fortunate since we were established in 2017. We have established phenomenal partnerships and engaged in incredible projects that have been critical to our development as an organisation. We continue to foster new relationships to expand our partnership base so that we can be of service to those who need us most.


Participant Feedback

"Overall, it was a fantastic workshop with much synergy and understanding between participants and facilitators. I believe facilitation methodologies acted as a catalyst for participant engagement".

Scope's Partners

Forum for the Empowerment of Women

To empower, support and advocate for the rights of black lesbians by providing INFORMATION | SAFE SPACE | SUPPORT| ADVOCACY


LGBT Community organisation providing support to LGBT individuals in the Vaal area.


This is a space where women and gender non-conforming people of all sexualities can come together and engage with each other and the world.

Inclusive & Affirming Ministries

Since 1995, IAM has worked tirelessly toward the full recognition, celebration and participation of LGBTIQ+ people in faith communities. IAM’s approach works to open minds, hearts and doors for full acceptance of LGBTIQ+ people within faith institutions and communities.


Matimba does work with families, schools and all other avenues that may impact the lives of transgender and gender-variant young people and their development. They advocate for these individuals to access adequate and competent services for them to be happy and healthy.


LGBTI Community organisation providing support to LGBT individuals in the Taung area.

The Other Foundation

The Other Foundation is an African trust that advances equality and freedom in southern Africa with a particular focus on sexual orientation and gender identity. It gathers support to defend and advance the human rights and social inclusion of homosexual and bisexual women and men, as well as transgender and intersex people in southern Africa.

GALA Queer Archives

Gala is a centre for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) culture and education in South Africa. In recent years, Gala has also strengthened its commitment in areas such as education and movement-building.

Gender DynamiX

Established in 2005, Gender DynamiX (GDX) is the first registered Africa-based public benefit organisation to focus solely on the transgender and broader gender diverse community. What started as a mere vision, slowly grew into a grassroots organisation.

Trans Wellness Project

Trans Wellness Project is an organisation that transforms lives by advancing health, wellness, and equality. They focus their efforts in rural areas; offering access to services such as health care, psychosocial support, edutainment and training of local health care professionals and the Trans persons. They work with allies in order to advance health care service knowledge through continuously monitoring services as to advance and improve standards of care.

LGBT+ Forum

The South African LGBT+ Management Forum (or "The Forum") is an umbrella organisation for professional lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) employee network groups seeking to create safe and equitable workplaces that enable professionals to contribute to their fullest potential. We are a registered non-profit organisation working in South Africa.


The Breaking Down Borders Africa Initiative in a pan African platform led by African youth for the benefit of African youth. The initiative is inspired by the vision of creating an inclusive platform for African youth to collectively WRITE THE FUTURE of the continent, while promoting skills development and transfer amongst young African.

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