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Scope Academy

Scope offers a variety of short courses tailored to the needs of our clients and partners. Each short course is tailored to the organisational needs and draws on prior learning in other spaces. The tailored offerings ensure that the course materials remain relevant and that they are responsive to the socio-political climate at any given time. Scope tailors each of the short courses in tandem with the clients or partners the courses are designed to aid. We customise material or generate new material under the broad themes of power, privilege and oppression. These themes enable us to engage on a wide variety of topics including, related and unrelated to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. 

Organisational financial systems

A short course that explains the importance of financial systems; how organisations can establish basic financial documents and systems; and how organisations can set up virtual financial records for audit.


Organisational project management

A short course that explains the necessity of project timelines & risk assessments; develops techniques for managing small teams, and explains the basics of smart remote work using online platforms.


Organisational board roles and responsibilities

A short course that contemplates the importance of a board of directors; why they are important to non-profit organisations; how board roles and responsibilities can be assigned and why different organisations have different board structures.


Facilitation 101

A short course detailing the basic tools for facilitation and training, focusing on the development of facilitation skills and techniques for engaging facilitation.


Social media 101

A short course to assist organisations in developing a social media presence, and the importance of consistency. This short course delves into the intricacies of social media use and audience development.


Proposal writing 101

A short course in the basics of proposal writing. This course dissects proposals and assists  organisational leaders in determining what it is that funders are looking for, this is done through explaining key terminology and practising essential writing skills. 


Report writing 101

A short course in report writing and reporting on critical information. This course will guide participants in how to structure reports such that they are useful to the organisation in future and meet funder requirements.


Time management 101

This short course zones in on time management as an essential tool within the framework of project management. The course has been designed specifically for smaller organisations with limited resources at their disposal.

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Scope Academy
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