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The Scope Board

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André Wagner


Andre Wagner currently serves as the Chief of Party - CaSIPO at Hospice Palliative Care Association South Africa. He has extensive experience in local government management, NGO management, and development experience.


Andre is passionate about staff development and support and offers his extensive experience as a consultant in different settings and countries across the continent. Andre’s core skill sets include but are not limited to; organizational development, human resource management, human resource development, management of training, labour law and local government management.

Sandile Ndelu


Sandile Ndelu is a candidate attorney who holds a BA LLB (UCT). Sandile is passionate, ambitious, hardworking, creative, critically thinking and a socially concerned young person who is excited at the prospect of being an agent of social change and development throughout Africa.


She is particularly interested in transforming the post-colonial and post-apartheid plight of socially disenfranchised minorities such as women, people of colour, children, the working classes, the elderly, members of the LGBTI community as well as people living with HIV/Aids. 

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Genevieve Louw

Financial Oversight

Genevieve Louw is a queer educator/activist that works for GALA Queer Archives as the Programmes Coordinator. Their practice is geared toward LGBTIQA+ activism in the space of education and training. Genevieve uses creative facilitation methodology to engage with diverse communities including secondary schools, universities and public services around the theme of gender and sexual diversity.

Their work addresses the urgency to educate communities on the complexities of gender, sexual orientation and diversity to attempt the debunking of myths and to prevent further discrimination from taking place against gender and sexually diverse people in society. Genevieve also facilitates sensitivity training in various environments around the broader theme of diversity with the intention to impact organisational dynamics, social development and change.

Nosipho Mngomezulu

Board Member

Nosipho Mngomezulu is currently an Anthropology lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University Currently Known as Rhodes. Her work examined youth identification practices on and offline, intergenerational conceptions and experiences of trauma, national identity, and transnationalism.

Nosipho’s interests lie in research, community-engaged learning and teaching, focussing on the decolonization and transformation of our approaches to academic projects, creating and developing approaches that can better equip students for the challenges of the twenty-first century in Africa and post-colonial states around the world.

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