Scope is cognisant of contemporary working environments which are incredibly diverse and becoming more so every day. This requires diverse sets of people to work with and understand one another which results in a need for adequate workplace training that takes emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills into account. With this in mind Scope approaches workshops at various levels in different environments, with a focus on outcome driven interaction. Our training packages are tailored in each instance, broadly incorporating three spheres of interaction; the individual, the collective, the environment.

Workshops are structured around interaction and allow participants to engage actively in learning. Participants are encouraged to draw from their own or real experiences which makes learning more practical and applicable. Sessions alternate between teaching of concepts, applied learning through the application of exercises and discussion as well as reflection. The workshops seeks to take the approach of immersive, applied learning which will require participants to apply in practise what they will learn in the course – this suggests that there would typically be more than one contact session per topic, allowing participants time to go back to their respective communities/environments and apply the learning. It is at this point that they would return to the learning environment to share experiences and to follow up on areas that require further support and engagement.

It has been our experience that numerous learning programs fall short of achieving the desired impact because they tend to focus more on certificates of attendance and a superficial checklist of outcomes rather than ensuring that participants are able to translate what they have learnt in a practical environment.